An ode to the ever fabulous MRSKOOY

Recently I have been given the honour of being featured on MRSKOOYLOVESFITNESS, the health and fitness blog aimed at motivating women along their journey through living an active and fun life.

The mastermind behind it is Stephanie Vanderkooy, a qualified teacher and personal trainer who has recently married the love of her life (awesome!).

Stephanie in all her buff glory!

When I was asked by Stephanie to be her September Spotlight, a feature “shining a light on a kick-ass female“, this honour was an extra special request. I have known Stephanie since I was about 10 years old and we met playing football (soccer) in Orangeville, Ontario’s summer league. We were on the same team a few years in a row and when I moved to a new school at the beginning of grade 7, I was super excited to know a friendly face, especially because I was an awkward child often described as ‘weird’ (those who know me would still describe me the same way).

You can view my feature here:


My friendship with Stephanie positively defined my best years of early adolescence and while we had grown apart in the years after I moved away from Orangeville, the power of the Internet brought us back together again. It is crazy to see how almost 18 years later (WOW THAT’S LONG!!!) we both still have the same shared interests and passion for life that made us friends in the first place.

If you aren’t a follower of her blog, you should be. She is a truly inspirational woman and my partner in crime back in Canada. If you are based in the greater Bradford area, get in touch via her website for personal training opportunities. And if you are a Twitter fanatic, be sure to follow her @mrskooyfitness

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