Early Morning Motivation- Autumn

It’s that time of year when 5:30am no longer shows the hope and promise of the day by blessing us with a sneak peak of the morning sunshine to come. Nope, it’s pitch black and when your alarm goes off you are convinced that you have accidentally set it for 2am. Yes sir, summer is officially over.

As the fall weather sets in and the days get shorter and the clothes get warmer, finding the motivation to haul butt outta bed and hit the gym first thing in the morning becomes increasingly challenging. But as always, I have a solution that can fight those fall time blues and help keep you in shape for the upcoming holiday period.

My early morning sunlight saviour. No SAD (seasonal affectedness disorder) for me!
My early morning sunlight saviour. No SAD (seasonal affectedness disorder) for me!

Sunlight Simulator

Ah yes, the sunlight simulator. This is my #1 key to success in the dark winter months and literally turns black mornings that feel like a chore into a small slice of heaven (I might be over exaggerating slightly…)

How it works: 30 minutes before your desired alarm time, the simulator slowly begins to light up simulating a sun rise in your own bedroom. When you do wake, there is a soft gentle glow in the room and you are not waking up to the pitch black. I can tell you with certainty that this makes getting out of bed early considerably more enjoyable.

I recommend the Lumie Bodyclock Advanced. It carries a hefty price tag- £130+ (so shop around) but the added features of the sunset function, snooze and gentle alarm sounds makes it a great investment. On a budget? There are cheaper options starting from £14.95 but be sure to do your research to ensure you aren’t getting a tchotchke (chotski).

Kick-Ass Beatz

I don’t know about you, but in order to get me out of bed first thing in the morning, I need some kick-ass tunes to get me moving. My current to-go track is the remix of Katy Perry’s ROAR. This is THE anthem for personal achievement so blast this bad boy and don’t be afraid to let others here you ROAR.

New Gym Kit

My most recent lululemon purchase. Can't wait to hit my next session in my new gear!
My most recent lululemon purchase. Can’t wait to hit my next session in my new gear!

Please don’t cue the jokes about girls and shopping but when weather, work and the lack of sunlight has got me down, a small pick me up in the form of a new sports bra or hoody gives me the motivation I need to push through harder sessions in the gym.

My go-to obsession for gym kit is lululemon athletica. This Canadian brand originated in Vancouver, British Columbia and makes durable, long lasting gym gear that looks fantastic on every body type. As a die-hard lulu fan myself, I have followed the brand for years and even introduced it to my fit-minded friends living in the UK who have also developed a small obsession. The great news is that they now ship internationally (but locally) meaning that you don’t get dinged with expensive shipping costs and custom charges. WIN.

If you are looking for something a tad more fierce, I can’t help but love me some bodybuilding.com and yes, they have a UK site! Their line for women is clean and simple yet I love the feeling I get when I rock up to my session in my bodybuilding.com tank and load up the leg press with 130kg (286 lbs). I feel powerful and when you feel powerful, you are bound to have a great session!

Pure Satisfaction

6am workouts. I love it!
6am workouts. I love it!

I have a million excuses when my alarm goes off at 5:30am and I don’t want to get out of bed. However, I know that if I don’t go in the morning, I probably ain’t gonna go at night and by the time I have debated the entire thing in my mind, I’m awake enough to get out of bed and head to the gym.

“I really regret that workout”- said nobody ever

Once you are at the gym and the music is flowing and your adrenaline is pumping, those feel-good endorphins start coursing through your body, lifting your mood along the way. By 7:30am you have actually accomplished something in your day not to mention  you look good and feel fab too.

This time of year can be tough to transition into, but with the right mindset, you can turn those darker mornings into mini power sessions focused on your own goals to becoming fit, fun and free!

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