On Location: Fit Body Boot Camp, Chicago, IL

Hanging around with our trainer, Jared
Hanging around with our trainer, Jared

I forgot to turn the alarm off on my hotel room clock so it started going off bright and early at 6am on a Saturday morning. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t have been an issue as I would have gone straight back to bed but this particular Saturday morning was a special and my brain was up and running with excitement (I hate when I can’t turn my brain off!) so I figured I may as well roll with it and get up too.

Saturday, 22 July was special because I was trying out a free session at Fit Body Boot Camp located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Fit Body Boot Camp is located on the second floor of a building complex and on first glance it is not so convincing. However, once you walk through the front door into the studio, you will instantly change your mind.

Small but mighty, this bootcamp and training studio is equipped with all the fixin’s that one might need to really feel the burn. Kettle Bells, TRX, Vipr, free weights, tumbling mats, exercise bands and balls, floor sliders, battle ropes- you name it they got it! In other words, I had found bootcamp perfection.

The class size was good, 11 people with an equal split of men and women aged 25 to 55 approximately. On my way in I met two really cool women- Christine and Robin, who were also trying out the classes for the first time with their Groupon that they had purchased. Cue small moment of pride, I love running into Groupon customers when they are out enjoying their experience. We got on instantly, especially as Christine had just moved back to Chicago from living in London, UK for 3 years and surprisingly, quite close to me.

Fantastic use of space with a very clean and modern interior
Fantastic use of space with a very clean and modern interior

The trainer that morning was Jared Bennedetto, a superfit, chilled out guy who makes you work hard during class hours but is really easy to chat to when you aren’t doing non-stop burpees. We started with a good warm up and jumped straight into 45 minutes of full body circuits using a variety of training methods to really shock our muscles into adapting to different scenarios- TRX to sliding army crawls, I can genuinely say this session was a full body workout.

Everyone was surprisingly friendly as well and the class interacted well with each other. What’s better, when the class wrapped up, everyone clapped and cheered and the friendly banter continued. I really love studios where a sense of community exists and you can celebrate success- such as finishing a workout- together.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend checking it out if you are from Chicago or in the area. Class are affordable and also deliver results so don’t be

Fit Body Boot Camp located at 1820 W Webster Avenue, Unit #204, Chicago, IL, 60614
Fit Body Boot Camp located at 1820 W Webster Avenue, Unit #204, Chicago, IL, 60614

shy- give it a try!

Score Card

Location: 6 (location was ok but not that close to a train station)

Facilities: 9

Trainer: 8

Overall Experience: 8

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