An ode to Jessica- why working out with a friend rocks!

Woohoo! It is FRIDAY and today started fabulously as I hit a gym session with one of the greatest ladies I know (and one of my closest friends) Jessica, who has made it her aim to achieve her fitness goals. This got me thinking about working out with friends in general and why this can be such a fun way to change up boring routine.

Jess and I at the office at after an early morning gym session
Jess and I at the office at after an early morning gym session

You may be surprised to know that I am an introvert at heart and my morning gym sessions are the only “me” time that I typically get in a day. In other words, I like to train alone, so very very alone. But when Jess asked if we could train together one day a week when I can bring a friend for free to my gym, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. And I’m glad I didn’t.

Training with a friend is excellent because it gives you three key fundamentals to sticking with a fitness routine.

1. Motivation. At 5am on Friday morning, the motivation to get out of bed can be barely there. Buuut if you know that your friend’s alarm clock is going off at the same time, the chance of leaving her hanging out front the gym an hour later is less than likely.

2. Accountability. Working out with a bud means that you are more likely to be accountable for your actions outside of the Jim (haha). If you have your vices such as sugary snacks during the work day or an all out cheese-fest on the weekend, if you know that you will be hitting a session with a friend later in the week, and you know you will need to keep up, you are more likely to put down that second helping of extra-cheesy nachos.

3. Fun. Yep, it’s awesome. You have a partner in crime to help push you through sets and laugh with you when the reps really start to burn. Today we spent almost the entire abs section of our workout laughing because we were an hour into a tough session plus we were side by side feelin’ the burn. We got a case of the giggles and I have been riding the high of an awesome morning ever since.

Today’s session won me over and I can’t wait until next week to spice up my routine again. If you are interested in finding a training partner and live in London, UK drop me a line here and I would be more than happy to train along side you. That’s the great thing about fitness- it brings people together and builds relationships based on a foundation of feeling good. That is logic I can’t argue with!

2 thoughts on “An ode to Jessica- why working out with a friend rocks!

  1. Thanks Hailey for today’s session! My goal for getting in shape couldn’t have started better; the sun was shining, the tube was almost empty and your smile and good mood first thing made me forget that it was 6.30am where I normally just get up. On top of that, and as one smart lady has commented here already, you are inspirational! See you in 7 days again.

  2. I have a friend that likes to run and talk at the same time. It is a blast working out with her because when we chat it completely distracts me from the fact that I’m running haha

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