Training Mondays: 8 Minute Abs

I actually first started doing 8-Minute abs one summer at Camp when I was a counsellor and instantly fell in love with the bad 90’s cheese. This is mainly because I have been described, in my entirety, as bad 90’s cheese. But don’t let the spandex fool you, this workout works! I know this for two reasons: 1. because I can feel the burn deep in my abdominals and 2. because the main dude in the video repeats it several times. But hey, I ain’t arguing with logic.

Now if you are looking for an excuse not to try this work out, consider this. 8 Minute abs takes, well, 8 minutes. You know what else takes 8 minutes? Ironing two shirts, changing the bed sheets, taking a longer shower. Squeezing in this mini-session can be done before bed or first thing in the morning.

Call it cheesy, but I am a firm believer in 8 Minute abs. Ok, well let me rephrase that slightly…I don’t think that you can sculpt a slick 6 pack in only 8 minutes a day, but I do think that when combined with a well-rounded fitness program 8 minutes Abs can really compliment your fitness regime.

This program is fantastic for beginners to experts alike. Beginners can work through the original program at their own pace whilst those who are more experienced can use the 8 Minute template but shake up the abs exercises with more difficult moves.

So what are you waiting for? The 8 Minute timer starts NOW!

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