We’re getting a makeover!

TGIF! And no, that does not stand for “Thank God Its Fitness”.

I love a good bask in the sun (SPF included!) I plan on doing plenty of that this weekend!
I love a good bask in the sun (SPF included!) I plan on doing plenty of that this weekend

It’s been nearly two weeks since launching Fit, Fun & Free and so far the response has been extremely positive. So I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your support and words of encouragement, it means a lot ☺.

For those of you have been following along, you will know that I have been on the road a fair bit in the last couple of weeks. I can assure you this is not (entirely) normal for me. However, as I prepare to transition back to normality next week, I am excited to announce a new format for Fit, Fun & Free that will be revealed this Sunday.

Any fit minded individual knows that the key to success lies in some consistency so we will be introducing a fantastic weekly schedule to keep you on track, regardless of your fitness goals.

So what’s on the roster you ask?

Monday: Training Tips. Start the week off strong (literally) with these go-to training tips

Tuesday: Tough Love Tuesdays. Sometimes the biggest change is sparked by the toughest love.

Wednesday: Food lover? We’ve got you covered with the delicious clean eats.

Thursday: Training Tips. You’ve kicked butt at work all week long so carry that momentum through to the gym with these workouts.

Friday: Factual Fridays. If you are anything like me, you too might love random facts. Get you fitness fill on Fridays.

Saturday: Saturdays are a personal favorite as we will be covering some of our favourite topics. From our Spotlight on Talent to On-Location reviews, Saturdays will give you a variety of guest blogs and special features to keep you Fit, Fun & Free

Sunday: Clean Eats. Growing up, Sundays were always reserved for a home-cooked family meal. That is tradition I can’t argue with so stay tuned for recipes that you can add to your existing fare.

On top of these staples, we will continue to include various other posts on updates or subjects that we think are interesting, informative and fun!

Thanks again for reading and of course, if there is a subject you want to hear about, please drop me a line or comment and we will be sure to cover it!

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