Keeping fit on holiday- Santorini the Final Chapter

In response to my first post on keeping fit abroad (Keeping Fit on Holiday, Santorini Pt. 1), reader Jessi asked that I provide an update on what to eat on the flight back as this is usually more difficult to prepare for.

Pre-planned snacks made for significantly better eats than the standard EasyJet fare
Pre-planned snacks made for significantly better eats than the standard EasyJet fare

Well Jessi, you asked so…

When travelling home after a holiday on an island with significantly less resources than your typical UK airport, it is critical that you plan in advance as hoping for the best at the airport simply won’t cut it.

To ensure we had what we needed for a snack and meal on our 3.5 hour flight, we popped out to a local supermarket in advance of our departure. Turkey and ham deli meats, eggs, apples, rice cakes, whole grain bread, low fat mozzarella cheese slices and honey & sesame snaps for a treat were on the menu and using these ingredients we whipped up a healthier alternative to traditional airline meals.

Our sandwiches consisted of whole grain bread, deli meats and one slice of cheese. No butter or sauces of any sort. If you want to reduce the carbs, eat this as an open-faced sandwich instead. Throw in an apple and a couple rice cakes for a snack later on and you are sorted.

For extra protein I recommend you boil some eggs to carry with you for the flight (big thanks to Nick for this tip!). You can do this using only a kettle as I mentioned in my previous post which you can check out here.

Nick preps some hard boiled eggs in our kettle at Lemon Residences, Istanbul
Nick preps some hard boiled eggs in our kettle at Lemon Residences, Istanbul

Fill the kettle with water and heat the water for a minute or two but do not bring in anywhere close to boil. Then, turn the kettle off and gently lower the eggs into the kettle ensuring not to break them (you may need to do this in several batches). Turn the kettle on and bring to a boil. Once it clicks, leave for 5-10 minutes in the hot water to harden. Once the water is cool enough to touch, remove the eggs for serving. Voila!

**Please be careful if/when attempting this. This is not standard use of a kettle (go figure) and I don’t want you boiling your fingers or electrocuting yourself**

Alternatively, ask if the hotel has a kitchen and if you can boil some eggs. It might look silly but don’t be shy, this is your health we are talking about (not to mention this made me laugh for about 20 minutes because it is effective albeit comical)

Make your life easier by packing a few clean sandwich bags into your luggage so that you have something to carry your food in. If you are worries about space, these are a small and smooshable option that can make a big difference in keeping your food choices clean(er).

The one thing I have learned over time is that you need to learn to adapt and use the resources available to you. This will vary based on a number of factors, however with the right amount of planning you can accommodate your lifestyle where ever you go. It may not always be easy, but in the process you learn a lot about yourself, some which might be surprising (I know I have!)

4 thoughts on “Keeping fit on holiday- Santorini the Final Chapter

    1. Thank you for the suggestion of posting about this topic! It was good for me to be more mindful as well and I also learned a few things along the way thanks to Nick and his egg trick!

  1. I am taking notes for my trip to Turkey with Mini this weekend. Awesome motivation! Love the eggs point, I’ll start with sandwiches first – eggs are step 2:)

    1. You two will have a blast! Thanks for following along and make sure you takes pics of any of the tips you follow! I’d love to do a follow up post about it!

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