The best BPM app to speed up your workout songs!

Following on from my July Playlist post, I thought I would share my must-have app for teaching studio fitness classes such as aerobics or dance. It’s also great for the every day fitness enthusiast as it allows you to pump up the beat and tempo of your tracks, allowing you to match the intensity of your favourite tracks to any exercise.

You can download Tempo Music Pro from iTunes for £2.99
You can download Tempo Music Pro from iTunes for £2.99

Tempo Magic Pro allows you to speed up the BPM (beats per minute) of the tracks which are loaded up into it, creating faster tracks to crank up the heat. The average BPM of a top 40 pop song is approximately 120 BPM which is great for gettin’ down at the club but may not provide (depending on your fitness level of course!) the right tempo to elevate your heart rate required to see aerobic endurance gains.

Ideally you want your tracks to be sitting around 134-140 BPM as this speed will really get you moving towards improving cardiovascular endurance which will have positive repercussions on other areas of your training.

I have also experimented with a few DJ apps to mix together my own workout mixes that I can feed into Tempo Magic Pro but most have been difficult and ineffective to my needs. If you can suggest an excellent app, I’d love to hear about it so please feel free to post suggestions below!

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