Gym Playlist July 2013

For me, a killer music mix is essential to pushing myself through a good workout whether it be a 5k run or heavy sets of leg press at the gym. A good beat gets my adrenaline pumping and time and time again, it helps me push my workout that little bit further.

Every month I will share what is motivating me in the gym. And as I am always looking for new music, please feel free to share your favourites too!

Candy by Robbie Willams (Max Sanna and Steve Pitron Club Mix)
Good to help you ease into a long distance run

Under the Sun by Cheryl Cole (The Alias Remix)
Great for hitting upper body free weights

I Love It by Icona Pop
Great to help you push through a heavy legs session

Die Young and Levels Mashup by Avicii and Ke$ha
Perfect to push you through that fast finish cardio sprint

Feel the Love by Rudimental feat. John Newman
My all time favourite cool down song

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